February 14, 2024

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Apple AirPods Pro (1st generation) review.

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Photo by Ignacio R on Unsplash

The AirPods Pro are a pair of wireless earbuds made by Apple Inc. They were announced on October 28, 2019, and released on October 30, 2019. They are an upgraded version of the original AirPods, with a new design, additional features, and a higher price point.

Some of the main features of the AirPods Pro include:

  • Active noise cancellation: The AirPods Pro use advanced algorithms to actively cancel out background noise, so you can focus on your music, podcasts, or phone calls.
  • Transparency mode: With the press of a button, you can switch to transparency mode, which allows you to hear the outside world without taking off the earbuds.
  • Custom fit: The AirPods Pro come with three sizes of silicone ear tips, so you can find the perfect fit for your ears. They also have an adjustable fit test to help you find the best seal.
  • Sweat and water resistant: The AirPods Pro are sweat and water resistant, making them suitable for workouts and other activities.
  • Adaptive EQ: The AirPods Pro use adaptive EQ to automatically fine-tune the music to the shape of your ear for a more personalized listening experience.
  • Wireless charging: The AirPods Pro come with a wireless charging case, which allows you to charge them by placing the case on a Qi-compatible charging mat.
  • Siri integration: The AirPods Pro have built-in Siri support, so you can use your voice to control them and access a variety of features.
  • Quick access to controls: The AirPods Pro have touch-sensitive controls on the stem of each earbud, which allow you to play/pause music, skip tracks, and adjust the volume with ease.
Photo by insung yoon on Unsplash

One of the first things you’ll notice about the AirPods Pro is their sleek, compact design. The earbuds themselves are smaller and more streamlined than the AirPods 2, and the stem has been shortened significantly. This makes them more comfortable to wear for long periods of time, and they fit more securely in your ear as well. The AirPods Pro also come with three different sizes of silicone ear tips, so you can find the perfect fit for your ears.

The AirPods Pro are generally considered to be comfortable to wear, both for short and long periods of time. Many people find that the earbuds stay securely in place, even during physical activity, thanks to the customizable fit provided by the silicone ear tips. The earbuds are also relatively lightweight, which helps to reduce fatigue during extended use.

That being said, comfort can be a subjective experience, and what feels comfortable to one person may not feel comfortable to another. Some people may find the earbuds to be a little large or bulky, while others may experience discomfort due to the ear tips not sealing properly. In general, it’s a good idea to try out the earbuds for yourself to see how they feel, especially if you plan on wearing them for long periods of time.

Sound quality:
The sound quality on the AirPods Pro is excellent. The bass is punchy and well-defined, and the treble is clear and detailed. The active noise cancelling feature works well too, effectively blocking out most background noise. In transparency mode, you can hear your surroundings clearly, which is great for when you need to be aware of your surroundings (e.g. when crossing the street).

One of the standout features of the AirPods Pro is their ability to automatically switch between devices. Whether you’re using them with your iPhone, iPad, or Mac, the AirPods Pro will automatically connect to the device that you’re using. This is a really convenient feature, especially if you use multiple devices on a regular basis.

Battery life:
The battery life on the AirPods Pro is also very good. You can expect to get around 4.5 hours of continuous listening on a single charge, and the charging case provides an additional 18 hours of listening time. The charging case also supports wireless charging, so you can charge it up simply by placing it on a wireless charging pad.

Overall, the AirPods Pro are a fantastic set of wireless earbuds. They have a great design, excellent sound quality, and a host of useful features. They’re a bit pricier than the AirPods 2, but in my opinion, they’re well worth the extra cost.